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What Is Brand Strategy In Marketing & How To Create?

When Digital Marketing came to existence, every business people were opting Digital Marketing services.

But today their intention is not just on marketing but also to showcase their product as a brand and develop branding.

Does Brand really make an impact on People, Check out this conversation between 2 friends

Person 1 : Hey Man, I got Fossil watch worth of 10k

Person 2 : Just to check the time you spend 10 K, it’s useless

Person 1 : Lol it’s not about checking the time, It’s Fossil, a branded watch.

You know there is a top branded watch company called Rolex, their watches are even priced in lakhs.

This is just a simple example when people hear a product or company name, they start recognizing it, talk about it and feel it as Brand.

Let get into the actual topic, What is a brand strategy in the marketing & How to Create?


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How to develop Brand Strategy

  1. Knowing the purpose – Personal Branding or Business Branding

Brand Strategy can be developed for both Business and also as in person.

When it comes to business branding, we try to showcase the business services, achievements etc and many more.

When it comes to personal branding, it is more about the content strategy, sharing knowledge, developing own personal recognition etc.

Ex: Bloggers, Influencers, Youtube Creators.

  1. Creation of Logo, Business Name and Tagline

The first step would be creating Logo, it is the face of your business and brand identity. Create a perfect logo where it tells about your business. Know about how to create an effective logo for your business.

Business Name and Tagline completely depends on own decision but make sure it sounds good and attracts customers.

For example: When we hear the name of Boost, tagline would be Boost is the secret of my energy. But have you ever thought about this how it has attracted children and they feel drinking boost can give them more energy?

  1. Content Marketing Strategy

When it comes to brand strategy regular content marketing strategies might not work.

The quality of content about your business should be portrayed and attract the audience.

Maintenance of social media channels with best content and creatives, publishing of blogs, podcasts, creative videos etc all this comes under the content strategy.

  1. Knowing Your Target Audience

This would be the state where many people do mistakes and strategy fails.

Focus on targeting an audience is very simple, first know about your business and services, whether it is B2B or B2C. After this focus on demographics like age group, location etc.

If you are focusing on B2B, try to research on businesses who would opt for your services and when it comes to B2C know about the people interests.


Know more about creating stepwise brand development strategy and creating a brand strategy.

Branding Strategy would be developing and creating about your business, services etc to bring more impact or recognition from people and people start speaking about your business.

This is where your business gradually grows and branding will be also developed.

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