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How To Start A Business Without Money Or Investment?

It’s 2020, many of us are interested to start a business.

But due to some financial issues, we may step back.

Do you really think that every business needs a lot of money and investment?


You might be wondering how can we start a business without money.

Let’s discuss a few points about how can we start a business without money or Investment.

1. Business Registration.

The first thing when you start a business is registering your business. It might be any business, business registration is mandatory for everyone. Your business should be legally registered with your business name and a few more official details.

This business registration is done at many business firms, and by chattered accounts with a minimal amount.

So this would be the point where you will spend some amount on the official work.

Are you starting a new business and need business registration?

Get your business registration at the best price in the industry with Swio Team

2. Logo Designing 

Once your business registration is done, your Logo should build the brand and portrait what your business is about. A logo is the first thing to build branding and showcase your business resemblance.

Don’t spend lots of money on a  professional graphic designer instead, you can design it on many online platforms like Canva, and Wix etc.

You can even learn it by watching a few videos on youtube. When you have a proper visualization of your business, you can start creating it easily.

Check out this free tools Canva and Wix Logo Maker , where you can build your logo.

Click the below link to know more about Logo Creation Tips

3. Website Designing 

Time to enhance business presence and business services.

Making your website development from a company or freelancers, makes you spend a lot of money.

Develop your own website through these free tools like word press and Wix platforms.

Word press and Wix are the best user-friendly sites where one can easily start doing their own website in a very easy manner.

You can simply customize your website according to you.

It’s all about selecting the right theme, adding proper webpages and content.

If you have a clear idea of what your website should speak, you can start writing website content easily instead of spending lots on content writers.

Making your website visible!

Website hosting and purchasing a domain is also not very high. You can purchase a domain from sites likes Go Daddy etc just at 1500-2000 per year.

Create your website from WordPress and Wix

4. Marketing 

Marketing is the most important thing for your business to reach people.

Initially, you can start with building profiles in all social media channels like Facebook Page, Instagram etc and Google my business page.

Creation of social media pages will not fetch any results, optimizing of pages need to be done, do regular postings and add stories.

You can learn social media tips and tricks from many blogs and youtube videos which is completely free of cost.

Rather than spending money on paid campaigns, focus on organic activities which can really fetch you good results.

5. Office Space

These days people are focusing more on their office designing, interiors etc, which will really cost high.

Do you believe in work productivity or a good looking building?

The topmost companies like Amazon, Apple and Google, never invested in their office building at their early stage. They have come up with great innovations and became the topmost CEO’s.

Check the picture, how these companies have started.

The first workplace is your home.

Yes, you can carry out all the work from home itself, whenever you have a meeting with a client in initial stages, you can visit the client’s place or there are many meetup spaces, rental office desks, you can just book and schedule meetings there. 

Once this initial stage is done where is bring projects, you start hiring employees, now then you can look for good office place based on the number of employees working.

Hope this blog has helped you about, How can we start a business with no money or low investment.

Do you have more ideas the same way, please comment and let us know.

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