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Cost-Cutting Marketing Ideas For Startups In India

In this blog, let’s check out a few simple marketing ideas with low cost and improve your business growth.

Being a startup company they do have many challenges, getting investors, office space requirements, employee salaries and many more. Tackling all these is not that easy.

Apart from managing all these, Marketing is the most important thing to make your business growth much better.

Do you think that we should spend lot of money marketing, No?

Lets checkout few cost-cutting effective marketing ideas for Startups in India 

1. Referral Program 

Everyone knew what a recommendation or reference is, we suggest a movie or a restaurant for our friends when we really like it.

So why can’t a reference could be also used in business, when your service quality is the best.

For many startups companies referral program works like a charm.

In this referral program, you can start with one client which in return brings you hundreds of client.

How does this referral program work?

When you are offering a specific service to a particular client if at all he is happily satisfied with service, there are many chances that they do refer other business people to avail service at your startup company.

Interesting right! And yes this truly works for sure!

According to many sources, 90% of people believe in recommendations which would be genuine from their friends.

So starting up a company is what everyone does, but how to improve your business?

When your  services are excellent which you provided for a client, automatically you can ask the client to refer more people, and in this way, with a free of cost your company name is spread to many people just by a word of mouth 

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2. Press Releases and Publications.

News is something worthy and people do read and follow it regularly.  Press releases would be a great choice to get recognition for any company.

Once your company is being published in a press release, it reaches more number of people and increases the brand reputation of the company.

To do this in a more simple way, you can work for yourself by writing an article about your company and services and then mail to the journalists. Building a network with publications, editors also might be very helpful which brings a lot of traffic to your website.

Checkout Why Press Releases are effective for Business. 

3. Digital Marketing

Availing the services of Digital Marketing can move your business to a completely next level and make reach many people.

Gone those days where traditional marketing strategies are not working, your business should have a digital presence, and social presence to reach more number of people all over the world.

We do have many marketing strategies in Digital Marketing, let’s discuss a few in brief.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Website is the thing every business should have. If at all you don’t want to spend lot of money on website developing team, you can opt for freelancers or create your website through WordPress, and Wix platforms.

Create your websites with WIX and WORDPRESS

Once the website is done, your website should be on the first page of Google, So how can this be done. 

SEO makes your website to appear on the first page of a search engine, so whenever someone is looking for a service which you offer, there are chances of many conversions. Make your website user friendly with proper webpages and SEO friendly content.

Picking up the right keywords and attracting the people to your website is the best marketing strategy in 2020.

Social Media

Social media is the platform where we have many users and spend lots of time on it.

Social media marketing can be easily done just by following optimizations factors. 

Create your business profile in all social media platforms and optimize the pages in a proper way. See that your pages are always active and publishing posts, content, and stories.  Engage with your followers to improve the business brand.  If at all you want to make your company or service to reach more number of people, who can start creating Paid Campaigns – Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Inmails etc, you can even hire a freelancer to cut off the cost.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is also one of the effective ways for marketing and which can be done completely free of cost.

In this make a list of mail ids data which you require and have a clear idea, what is the purpose of sending mail.

There are mail tools like Mail Chimp, Send in Blue etc which could use for the free trial up to 1000 mails. You can create text mails or image mails based on the requirement, you can also design your Mail Templates in Mail Chimp and Canva sites. You can overview the complete stats of mail campaign in these sites.

Check the free mail tools

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4. 80/20 Principle

Pareto’s or 80/20 rule, what is this?

I know many people might not be aware of this, but many companies do follow this hack to limit their expenses and improve their company growth with this 80/20 Principle. 

This is the best principle to limit expenses for those 80% percent activities which do not generate income. Example – Unnecessary expenses at the office, meetups or meetings at hotels, Do this really generate the income, No. 

Because you can arrange social meetups or client meetings at your office itself.

80/20 rules also say that 80% of income can be generated by 20% efforts, which means new business ideas, client satisfaction and employees efficiency.

This rule is not just applicable to Business, it can also be followed for your personal success by maintaining 80/20 rule for Time Management.

Know more Pareto’s Principle, How to Grow Your Business.

Well, these are a few Cost-cutting marketing ideas for startups in India.

Based on your competitors, your marketing ideas need to implement. So check out how your competitors are marketing and come up with the best in industry to reach your target audience.

If you have any ideas related to marketing ideas most welcomed, please comment below.

Also, let us know your feedback if you have tried out these ideas.

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