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Best Work-Life Hacks To Master In 2020

Hurray, I got the job in XYZ Company.

Once you are in your work will continue.

But have you ever thought how to be the best employee, manage your work etc?

When you are working in an organization no matter which position or domain you are in, but you should always improve your skills and be the best in the company.

This blog is to all IT and Corporate Employees, Let’s discuss the Best Work-Life Hacks To Mater in 2020?

  1. Priority Works Always First

When you are working in a company, you will be having a few set of regular works and few other works based on project executions. At this moment you need to finish both works before you logout.

So divide your time and also your works based on priority, adding some dedication and efficiency will make finish all the work.

Why Priority Plays Major Role?

When you have a set of projects to work on, there is some work or mail from the client which need to be done as earliest possible, so the situation and work demands you so once you finish this priority work at first and update to your manager, you will be stress-free and continue with regular work.

Even Management will also appreciate you for being taking up the work and finishing it on time.

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  1. Checklist for Work Milestones

To make this point more clear I will be explaining with an example.

No matter how hard you struggle for a job it might be 1 or 2 years some or the other day, you will be placed in some company. As this would be your first job, you will be boarded as an intern, trainee, or a  junior executive. 

As days pass on you can’t be on the same position, you need to come to the senior-level executive, team leader, manager etc whatever the terminology might be but the work position should in a growing manner.

So when you join in a company, keep a checklist for milestones just like after 2 years my goal is to become team leader, by setting up this milestone you can work more efficiently to achieve the positions and also have a focus on the work.

Whatever the position you are aiming the work style should also keep changing just like bringing up new ideas, improving project performance, managing team etc.


  1. Managing Work From Home

Every one of us are being habituated to a work lifestyle like 9 am – 6 pm. But sometimes if you feel a bit sick or willing to work from home, try to put the same efficiency as you work from the office.

Create a proper workspace and a separate room to continue your work from home. As you need not travel to the office, utilize that time to plan your work at home. Start your work as usual as the office this would help you also to maintain work structure and also your team to communicate easily. 

During this COVID – 19, many companies have asked their employees to work from home, and we can also the efficiency was decreased a little bit. 

In this point, I would like to mention one point “ THE PLACE OF WORK HAS CHANGED NOT THE WORK STRUCTURE”.

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  1. Team Management 

Whether you are a team leader or a team player, but on a wholesome, you all are working on the same project and the same organization.

So each of the teammates has the same responsibility to work efficiently. To build efficiency of your team, have regular discussions about sharing ideas,  how to improve project etc which all are related to work.  This not builds project growth but also building team bonding. 

  1. Time Management 

Time Management is important in our personal life and also most importantly in your work-life.

There will be a set of works assigned to you and you will have a clear idea how much time it takes. In the initial stages of work-life, you might take more time to finish off the work as you will be fresher and new to work. But what if this repeats even after few months or your position changed, same work same time, don’t you efficiency is going down. 

Tip To Manage Your Work In Time :

Supposed there is a work assigned to you, approximately it might take 2 hours, but make self target to complete yours in 1 hour. If you could complete you really have good efficiency and if you could complete the work before in a given time, you will be appreciated by management.

This not improves time management but improves your efficiency, activeness at work.

What f you have set time to complete in 1 hour and couldn’t do it, Not a big problem right, But honestly you have tried your 100 percent and for the next time, you will do it.

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Hope you all will be related to this blog, Do follow the work-life Hacks to Master in 2020.

If you any work-life hacks please share it in the comments below, so it would be really grateful to all working people.

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