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Today let’s discuss How to improve productivity while working from home as it’s now the only way to continue with our work. Read the full article to find your answer.

Waking up, getting ready, traveling to work was our daily routine but now things changed. We are in lockdown and most of us are working from home. This could be tough for people who have never worked like this.

Many think Work From Home decreases productivity which is not exactly true. Working from home could increase the productivity of an employee. According to a survey by Airtasker, remote workers are more productive compared to office workers. 

Read on the Full Article by Airtasker

For first-timers, adapting it is hard and is making them less productive due to a lot of distractions. Don’t worry I am here to help so check out how you can improve productivity while working from home.

Improve Productivity while working from home

Organise your work desk

First and the most important thing is you have to organise a work desk for yourself. Don’t work on a sofa or bed it will just make you lazy. Take your laptop, phone, a notepad, pen and go to a separate room which has a table & chair. Choose a calm room where there is no scope of any distractions.

Schedule timing Plan for the day

Make a work schedule with office hours and follow it strictly. Even though you are at home it’s best to work on the office timing only. Always plan your work for the whole day. Make a To-do-list for every day and keep striking off as the task is done. This will make you more productive and efficient with the time.

Mute Distractions

Say No to social media, personal texts, family and friends at work timing. Discipline is important so make sure you differentiate family and work time. Don’t work in the living room as anything could distract you for no reason. If possible don’t even allow anyone in the room while working – mainly your kids or pets.

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Frequent breaks

Taking breaks in between is essential. You have to take care of your health – physically and mentally. Working for long hours can stress you out and you shouldn’t sit in the same position as it can hurt you physically. This is not a time to get sick or have any kind of medical issues. So keep taking breaks frequently to boost your immunity.


Communication is so important with the co-workers or the team at this time. There shouldn’t be any kind of miscommunication about work. Staying updated on work and constant touch with co-workers or team can boost your productivity. Don’t waste time chatting with your co-workers.

Tune in to Music

There is always a chance for boredom while working also. If you are lazy or just not motivated enough to work then just tune into your favourite music for the boost. Music could take off your stress, motivate you or just make you active when you feel sleepy. This is kind of an advantage for working from home.

These are my six ways to improve productivity while working from home. Also, do follow The old Pomodoro Technique to increase productivity. For the people who don’t know about that just check it out here.

Are there any more ways which I didn’t mention? Comment down below and tell me. I will also try until while I am working from home to increase productivity.


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