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Low Cost Marketing Tips for Startups in India

In this blog, we have listed out the best low-cost marketing tips for startups in India. Read the full article and decide your marketing strategy for your startup.

Time runs fast and we need to find opportunities as fast as possible as they may not come again. In this fast pace, grabbing an eyeball is so difficult as it requires so much creativity. 

They say time is money. How much money can we invest to have someone’s time? If we think in this way it’s gonna be so expensive. 

Marketing is an important aspect of a startup, especially in India. India is a densely populated country and reaching out to people in the correct way can make a company successful. 

Check this report by Statistica on how many internet users are active in India.

Marketing is like an investment for the future of the company. We have traditional and digital marketing strategies. But traditional marketing can be expensive and digital marketing is much cheaper. 

Digital marketing techniques have more potential reach to the people by choosing the correct target audience. So, here are some low-cost marketing tips. 

Low-Cost Marketing Tips

  • Official Website

Every startup needs a website for sure. Getting a domain is easy but investing in good hosting is very important. The site speed, storage, security all depend on it. The user interface should be good and having a website is the first step in transparency with the customers.

Website Development can be tough so take some help.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social Media provides us with multiple platforms to reach customers for free. Creating a business page and being active constantly will remind the customers about the company and the services. Running ads on Facebook is also cheap as the minimum budget is just Rs 40 per day.

  • Search Engine Marketing

Getting the website rank on the top or first page of Search Engine Results Page is hard and will take time so Search Engine Marketing is a technique to be on the first page within no time. Google Adwords tool is helpful for SEM and yes it can be expensive but if the right long trail keywords are chosen then it will be within a budget. SEO is a much better option for the long term as it is almost free. 

  • Content Marketing

Having good content is so essential and content just means just words or blog on a website. Text, Videos, Infographic all will be considered as original content. The blog section on a website can bring a huge amount of traffic and creating videos for youtube is the way for brand awareness. Infographic works great on social media platforms as only text or plain images don’t catch eyeballs.

Digital Marketing is a mix of skill and art by professionals.

  • Referrals

So the best way in India is still word of mouth. People still here go by one person referring to another in any way. We do believe people more than any ad or something we have seen on the internet so try to spread the information about your company with all the contacts. Tell your contacts to share it with others and good word of mouth spread easily. 

  • Business Cards

Try to make an innovative and unique business card for all the management. No one bothers a regular card and sometimes goes directly into the bin. As a startup, the entrepreneurs and management will require a business card for making contacts. Invest and try to select a unique card which will be remembered.

  • EMail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a great low-cost marketing technique for a company. Any person visiting the company website may sign up for a newsletter which is a great way to connect with frequent visitors. Remarketing can also be done with email marketing and there are few email marketing platforms such as MailChimp with a limit of emails per day. 

  • Giveaways

Giveaway is one technique which everyone follows no matter how big the company is and it just doesn’t mean giving out products for free. Netflix and Amazon Prime are the biggest OTT platforms but still give a 30-day trial pack so similarly, a startup can give any kind of trial pack or first-time discount or first-time free consultancy based on the product or service.

  • Personal branding

Personal branding is also a great step for a startup as the founder or management team also need a good online presence. In this digital age, we are not blind anymore as transparency with the public has become so important to the companies which lead to loyal customers. We all know the entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs of the companies or brands which we generally use daily so the reputation of those people has to be great. This made personal branding so important.

Learn how to manage a Linkedin Profile for Professionals.

  • Google My Business

Always list the company with the help of Google My Business. Everyone just searches on Google for anything they require. It could be a product, a shop, a service, anything so listing your company on Google My Business is important and it will show all the information required by a customer such as contact details, website, location, working hours, photos etc. The local listing comes up on the first page of Search Engine Results Page so even if your website isn’t on the first page this can help you will the traffic.

  • Build Network 

As we discussed earlier the referrals play a good role in word of mouth, The company’s management and the team has to build network or connections in the market for more awareness of the company. While building this network you need to find your niche people which could help in any way. Niche people don’t include competitors. Here the unique business cards will also help.

These are low in cost and are the best ways of marketing for Startups in India. So, how many of these are you going to start doing?


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