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Small Business Ideas in Hyderabad for Ladies

Today I will be sharing Few Business Ideas especially for the Ladies in Hyderabad. These ideas are for Small Business with less investment and high demand.

The whole world is in a Pandemic situation which is leading to economic and financial crises. People are losing jobs and this situation is considered worse than the great recession. So we always need to plan for tomorrow.

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Women need to be independent and have their income source. Right now there is no ‘women or men work’ categorization which is great as the barriers are getting down. So today I am giving out ideas for the women who want to be independent and work for the first time. Before I share my idea there are a few questions for you.

Do you have talent? and What is your budget?

Business Ideas for Ladies


  • Food Truck


Food Truck is one business where you can bring your home food onto the streets of Hyderabad. Every woman has got their secret recipes and Ghar Ka Khana Healthy and Tasty right. People don’t even consider cooking tasty food as a talent which is such a wrong perspective. Everyone cannot make a perfect round roti or crispy thin dosa guys! If you have got magic in your hands and taste in the food then just go for it.

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  • Handmade Crafts


This idea is best for creative minds. You can make any kind of handmade stuff and sell out for a good price. It could be sewing clothes, hand made jewellery or any item and promoting yourself locally or online. If you are good at sewing then please do make face masks which are much in need right now. Face Masks also have good demand so you will get a good price on it and you can even donate it for the needy.

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  • Day Care Facility


Day Care Facilities have been increasing in Hyderabad. Kindergarten schools and even regular schools are offering daycare facilities for the kids but are very expensive. If you are good with kids or pets you can start your daycare facility or with a group of women. If parents are going to work or a family is going out of station then they would always be worried about their child or pet so the demand for the daycare facility is increasing.

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  • Beauty Parlour


Beauty Parlour is not a new idea but it is still very much effective. Most of the women prefer visiting a home beauty parlour compared to a professional salon as it is very expensive. Not all ladies want to spend thousands on self-care. Opening a home beauty parlour and spreading out a word in your circle is very easy. Word-of-mouth takes a big role here and you can earn good money with it.

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  • Blogging


Blogging is something which will take time and requires a lot of creativity. You can showcase the best of yourself with blogging. Choose one thing you are a Pro at and get started. You can be a fashion or food or makeup blogger. The Internet has given us so many platforms to write, post images, create videos and you can even become an influencer in the long run.

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So, these are my small business ideas for ladies in Hyderabad. There are 2 other things which I want to mention which could help you with your business and also another source of income. 

Amazon Saheli Platform 

Amazon Saheli is a platform where you can sell your products online via Amazon. This is a great initiative by Amazon to empower women entrepreneurs across India. So you can sell your Handmade crafts or anything with the help provided by Amazon. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is not exactly a business idea but it’s more like a side earning for you. If you have a website you can sign up for Affiliate Marketing from Amazon or Flipkart. You just have to recommend products of these e-commerce sites and if anyone buys it using your link then you will get a commission of it. 

So Ladies, you can do anything you want to do. Bring out your talents, utilize the platforms and it’s never late to start anything new. 

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