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Personal Branding Strategies with Case Studies

In this blog, let’s discuss personal branding which is not only for a person but can be a face of the whole company brand. The personal touch to the company is the relatable factor to connect.


Personal Branding promotes a face with talent. We have all the possible ways to connect with the whole population of the world easily. The Internet and especially Social Media gave us different platforms to connect. Promoting anything is possible by sitting at home itself.

Well, personal branding for entrepreneurs and for companies is something you might hear of before but, it isn’t just limited to a person or a company. It could be for anything and on any scale, the best example is personal branding in political marketing.


You might know that there was a huge part of digital marketing in Mr. Narendra Modi’s political journey from CM of Gujarat to Honourable Prime Minister of India. So, Congress was a strong political party which every kid in the country knew and Narendra Modi was still unknown to Pan India. To promote Modi and to win the best target was the Youth of the Country.

The youth population in our country is high and maximum of them were non voters due to lack of interest or knowledge about politics. So, targeting them with Social Media was easy as it’s a perfect platform to connect and spread the world. Traditional and Digital Marketing of Bharatiya Janata Party was more focused on Modi rather than the party name.

The slogans like – Ab Ki Baar Modi Sakar is a great example to know what was their focus point. Every party promotes the name of the party and spends thousands of crores in Traditional Marketing. But Digital Marketing is much more influential and can connect to a wide audience. This was a great way to campaign online where there are no competitors and huge reach.


Similar strategy has been implemented in the Telugu states. The slogans for Telangana CM K Chandrashekar Reddy and Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan Mohan Reddy mentioned their names instead of their respective party names.

Every person in telugu states have voted for the person as in the leader of the party and proudly stated they Voted for KCR and Jagan respective to the state. The number of voters has risen as the youth are actively involved in politics news likes never before and participated accordingly.

Keeping aside the political marketing, have you guys noticed a change in brand advertisement? No. So, the companies are promoting their brand without any famous brand ambassador.


Usually, companies hire top celebrities as their brand ambassador to be the face of the company but it’s an old technique. Nobody connects to those ads and to be honest, those celebrities don’t even use that brand’s product in real life.

The new way to advertise is by the management itself, it could be the owner, CEO or any management member can be the face of the company now. Let me explain it with some examples.


Amazon’s biggest consumer market is India. Everyone has got the Prime Subscription for its great content library and such affordable price. But, Jeff Bezos, the Founder, CEO of Amazon and the richest man on this planet’s name wasn’t familiar to many people in India.

So, coming in here with great marketing support and launching electric autos grabbed all the eyeballs. His investment of 1 Billion USD and announcement of creating 1 Million Jobs in India by 2025 is a huge support. (Source)


If you are from the telugu states then you are very much familiar with Lalitha Jewellery. This company has taken a 360 degree turn in marketing but only using traditional marketing techniques in the digital world. 

The understanding about the target audience was perfect. The buyers are above 40 years, compare the price strategy, lowest prices in the market strategy was their key. Along with Kiran Kumar, owner of the company is the face making him a well known face now.


How many of you know who owns Patanjali?

Don’t say Baba Ramdev. 

98.5% of the company is owned by Acharya Balakrishna. His net worth is $1.3 Billion but Baba Ramdev is the co-founder of the company. Baba Ramdev is popular as ‘Yoga Guru’ so he became the face of the company.

So, in all these case studies/examples ‘Personal Branding’ has shown us different possible ways of marketing and broke the old norms of marketing to be honest. The new way is beneficial for the person and the company.


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