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Biggest Challenge of Working as a Remote Team in Lockdown

In this blog, I’m sharing my experience on the biggest challenge of working as a remote team in lockdown and continuing in unlock with safety precautions. 

I recently answered a similar question in Quora, which led me to write down this blog. Lockdowns are over, and we are in the unlock period, but we are working as a remote team for safety. 

To the people who don’t know me and are reading my blog for the first time, I’m Vamshi Kumar Kurapati. I’m the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Swio Corporate and ITES Private Limited. Also, the Managing Partner of HashPro Digital Marketing Academy

Biggest Challenge of Remote Work

New Work Culture

Work-from-home or remote work became the new normal of lockdown, which was not practiced a lot in our country. Having a shift in work culture took time to adapt, and fortunately, our work could adapt to the new culture, unlike other sectors. 

No Human Connection

Working as a team in the office is a great way to build a professional relationship and even observe the employees. As we all have to work separately in respective homes, the human connection is nowhere. 

Increase in Communication

Phone calls, WhatsApp, SMS, Mails, and Zoom calls are the only ways to connect and communicate with the team and client in lockdown. Always being available online for the team is also a hard task as it needs patience and time consuming also. But, to make sure the workflow is smooth, communication is the key.

Affects Productivity

The productivity of the whole team fluctuates for many reasons. Slow internet connection, disturbances, miscommunication, or laziness, but adapting to a new work culture can take time. With time, things settle down, and productivity increases

Uncertain Planning

Things are uncertain, and the future is unpredictable. So, in this situation, planning is tough with a remote team. Decisions will be pending, and planning for the long-term isn’t easy. 

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Unlock has started, but we are continuing remote work for better safety and meeting once in a while for meetings. We have to take remote work seriously as a work culture for a better future. Change is a challenge, but life is challenging, and we have to welcome our new normal. 


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